Payments, Simplified

Accept payments worldwide, gain actionable insights, route transactions via multiple acquirers to reduce costs, and boost your acceptance rates. Pay employees, get paid and manage your cash flow all in one place


Accept Card Payments

International payments platform for E-commerce

  • One tap payment forms

    Convenient payment forms to speed up your checkout process

  • Transparent pricing

    2% processing fees *Higher fees applicable for high-risk industries

  • Intelligent routing

    Route transactions between customers and multiple acquirers. Save money on the exchange and processing fees while increasing your acceptance rates


Corporate Banking Account


Transparent Pricing

  • Account Set up — from 50 EUR/GBP

  • Monthly fee — from 10 EUR/GBP

  • IBAN inbound or outbound — from 0.3%

  • Higher fees applicable for high-risk industries

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Fully Safe and Compliant

Top security standards and audits

Get the partner that will not leave you exposed. PayApp is level 1 PCI Compliant

AI Risk Management

Don’t lose customers because of cumbersome fraud tools. Get your transactions approved and let our security system combat fraud in real-time

Instant set up and professional support

Our team will set up your account online in no time. Get professional assistance 24/7 whenever queries arise


Set up a vIBAN account with fast inbound and outbound SEPA payments

Think of an application process that’s fast and free of bureaucracy